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ProBind 2000 Thermal Machine PB2000 Binding Machine

Pro-Bind 2000 Thermal Binding Machine - PB2000

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PB2000 Thermal Binder

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Pro-Bind PB2000 Thermal Binding MachinePro-Bind PB2000

The Pro-Bind 2000 is sure to exceed all your expectations for a desk top perfect-binding system. The desktop 18 gauge steel perfect-binding machine weighs approximately 10 pounds and is built to last. It is able to bind from a 1/16" to a 2" spine capacity with the push of a button. There is no waiting for the Pro-Bind 2000 to warm up. The cycle time is 30 seconds for Soft Cover Thermal Binders and 60 seconds for Hard Cover Thermal Binders. Capable of binding multiple documents at one time, the production can exceed 420 soft cover books per hour. With the Pro-Bind 2000, a flawless perfect-bound document is just seconds away! Made in the USA.

Perfect for: Hard Thermal Covers, Soft Thermal Covers, Photobooks, and Yearbooks

Pro-Bind 2000 Thermal Binding Machine Spine Size Guide

Number of Sheets

Spine Width Required

1 - 10
  • 1/16"
5 - 15
  • 3/32"
10 - 25
  • 1/8"
25 - 50
  • 1/4"
40 - 75
  • 3/8"
65 - 100
  • 1/2"
90 - 125
  • 5/8"
115 - 150
  • 3/4"
130 - 200
  • 1"
180 - 250
  • 1 1/4"
230 - 300
  • 1 1/2"
280 - 350
  • 1 3/4"

How to Use a Pro-Bind PB2000

  1. Plug unit into a standard 110 volt outlet and turn device on.
  2. Jog documents and select the appropriate cover spine capacity.
  3. Place the documents into the cover.
  4. Place cover, spine down, onto the Pro-Bind 2000 heating plate.
  5. Press the appropriate cycle button (Hard Cover or Soft Cover)
  6. Cycle time for a thermal soft cover is approximately 30 seconds - Cycle time for a thermal hard cover is approximately 60 seconds - Initial warm up is approximately 90 seconds.
  7. After the appropriate cycle time has been completed an audible tone will sound and unit will shut off automatically.
  8. Jog document and remove the bound document and place on the cooling rack for Thermal Soft Covers or in the Hard Cover Crimper from Thermal Hard Covers. Do not lay bound document flat to cool; always cool while spine is on a flat surface.
  9. Finished bound documents take approximately 30 seconds to cool. If the spine of the finished document is still warm when removing from the cooling rack, return the document immediately to the cooling rack until it’s completely cool to the touch.
  10. Repeat process until all documents are bound.

Pro-Bind 2000 Binding Machine

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Pro-Bind PB2000 Specifications


  • All metal construction
  • No warm up required
  • Auto shut off
  • One button operation
  • Weighs approx. 18.25 lbs
  • 1/16" to 2" binding capacity
  • 14.75" binding length
  • Binds multiple documents at one time
  • Circuit board mounted on frame away from heating unit
  • Cycle time 30 seconds soft cover & 60 seconds for hard cover
  • One year warranty


Pro-Bind PB2000 Thermal Binding Machine

ProBind 2000 Instruction Manual

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