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Powis Parker Fastback 9 Binding Machine - FB9

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Powis Parker FB9 Quick Specs:


8.5", 11"




Paper Weight





No warm-up time

Easy to use interface

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Powis Parker Fastback 9 Binding Machine


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Powis Parker Fastback 9 FB9 Thermal Tape Binder

Powis Parker Fastback 9 FB9 Binding MachineThe Powis Parker Fastback 9 binder offers binding at the touch of a button, making it ideal for any office or departmental use. Fastback binding machines are affordable and virtually maintenance free, making them some of the best binding machines on the market today. Create anything from simple reports to 250 sheet books with colored spines, branded imagery and more in less than 40 seconds. Powis Parker Fastback binding machines are trusted and used in every branch of the US Federal Government. If it's good enough for America it's good enough for your home or office!

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Powis Parker Fastback 9 FB9 Highlights

  • Space-saving design
  • Lay-Flat binding
  • Supports paper lengths up to 12"
  • Affordable yet powerful
  • Easy to use
  • Binds books in less than 40 seconds
  • Simple tabletop operation
  • One touch function

How to Bind with the Fastback 9 FB9

Fastback 9 Binding Machine

1. Fold the strip between the two adhesive channels and place it in the Fastback 9 binding slot.

FB9 Binding Machine

2. Place book content on top of the folded strip with the back cover facing toward you. Press the green button to bind.

FB 9 Binding Machine

3. After the book is bound, place it in the cooling rack for a few minutes. That's all there is to it!

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Powis Parker Fastback 9 FB9

Powis Parker Fastback 9 FB9 Specs

Machine Dimensions
  • 19.5"W x 11"H x 13"D
Maximum Weight
  • 17 lbs.
Strip Lengths
  • 8.5", 11", A4, A5
Spine Thickness
  • Narrow (10 - 125 Sheets)
  • Medium (125 - 250 Sheets)
Page Sizes
  • 8.5" to 12"
Optimal Paper Weight
  • 20 lb. standard to 32 lb.
Edit Capability
  • Yes (< 2 cycles, standard LX strips only)
Binding Time
  • 35-45 seconds
Warm-Up Time
  • None
USA Power Requirements
  • 115VAC, 60 Hz, 8.4 amps
Regulatory Approvals
  • UL, CE, cUL, MITI, FCC Class B


Powis Parker Fastback 9 FB9 Brochures

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Powis Parker Fastback FB9 Binding Strips

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